Theatre Practitioners
Hourly Locum Pay Rates


  Duties Pay Rates
  Weekday £15.30
  Weeknights/Sat £16.20
  Sunday £18.00
  Stand-by/On-call £04.00
  Over 37hrs W/Day £17.80
  Over 37hrs W/Night £18.70
  Bank holidays/On-call £08.00
  Bank holidays £30.60
  As an Agency that specialises in placing locums in all areas of the Theatre Profession, we are in a position to provide you with the highest standard of service and quality.
To enjoy all thebenefits of the UK's leading locum staff service
call Dee or Dawn
Tel: 0181 2522 5782/1
Fax: 0181 252 5245
or alternatively cantact by e mail
  Licensed by the London Borough of Redbridge

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